Sudden, massive EU focus is not Tory chaos. It’s their Battle of the Bulge

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I’ve heard a number of commentators and journalists over the last few days, and even one Labour MP, talk about the current Tory ‘chaos’ regarding the EU, with backbenchers in ‘revolt’ against Cameron’s lack of promise of an EU ‘in/out referendum’ during this parliament, and the ‘rise’ of UKIP as a threat to the Tory party because of its attraction to the Tory eurosceptic fringe.

The consensus of these commentators was along the lines of this ‘chaos’ representing a grave threat to the Tories as the party risks ‘eating itself’ at a time when it is haemorrhaging votes to UKIP.

 It’s true that the situations presents a serious risk to the Tories, but to call it ‘chaos’ is incorrect. It may have started with a relatively small number of fringe Tory MPs who see our membership of the EU as the central issue of our times – but it has…

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