Tick Tock Tory Boys

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When even the Telegraph, which is the de facto house paper of the Conservatives, starts baying for your blood then you know you’re in trouble. The tock is ticking for Cameron and Osborne.

David Cameron in Brussels for the European Council. Photo: REX

The European Union warned Britain months ago that it was facing a massive increase in its EU membership fee, according to documents seen by The Telegraph.

A furious David Cameron vowed on Friday that he would not pay an “appalling” and unexpected demand for an extra £1.7 billion in British contributions to the EU budget by the December 1 deadline.

However, The Telegraph can disclose that EU officials warned member states in January that new bills were coming, and produced figures showing that Britain was likely to have to pay higher fees this autumn.

The disclosure cast doubt on Mr Cameron’s…

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AT LEAST 100k a year hit by highest-level benefit sanctions

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I’ve come across something which frightens me. As I wrote almost a week ago, one of the DWP’s (Department of Work and Pensions) own reports told it that sanctions were not only widely damaging, unfair and ineffective, but actually impaired people’s chances of finding work – and yet the DWP increased the number of sanctions (immediate suspension of benefits) applied to jobseekers by more than 47% in most recent 12-month period for which figures are available.

This increase – in the year up to October 2012 – took the total number of sanctions applied to a record 778,000. New figures were due to be published last month – but the DWP has delayed their release indefinitely. The reasons given for the delay were nebulous – but the previous rates of increase and the fact that new rules kicked in in October that could only accelerate the rate of increase…

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Rise in Foodbank Clients: Unpicking the Data

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The food bankers

Following the Trussell Trust’s announcement last week that there has been a 170% rise in the number of people using foodbanks between 2012-13, thefoodbankers look at the data surrounding foodbanks and food poverty in the UK.

Number of Foodbank users

In 2005-6, 2,814 people visited foodbanks across the UK.

In seven years, this figure has risen to a staggering 350,000 people who have been forced to use a foodbank for vital food supplies.

Of course, it is important to note that since the Trussell Trust  began, the number of foodbanks across the UK has steadily risen year upon year. The Trussell Trust currently has launched 345 foodbanks.

The charity estimates that three new foodbanks are currently opening every week, and that there would need to be 750-1,000 foodbanks to provide for people in crisis across the UK.

According to research published by Kelloggs, 4.7 million Brits could…

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Sudden, massive EU focus is not Tory chaos. It’s their Battle of the Bulge

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I’ve heard a number of commentators and journalists over the last few days, and even one Labour MP, talk about the current Tory ‘chaos’ regarding the EU, with backbenchers in ‘revolt’ against Cameron’s lack of promise of an EU ‘in/out referendum’ during this parliament, and the ‘rise’ of UKIP as a threat to the Tory party because of its attraction to the Tory eurosceptic fringe.

The consensus of these commentators was along the lines of this ‘chaos’ representing a grave threat to the Tories as the party risks ‘eating itself’ at a time when it is haemorrhaging votes to UKIP.

 It’s true that the situations presents a serious risk to the Tories, but to call it ‘chaos’ is incorrect. It may have started with a relatively small number of fringe Tory MPs who see our membership of the EU as the central issue of our times – but it has…

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